Sarahana for Assembly

Hello, my name is Sarahana Shrestha.

I’m a first-generation immigrant from Nepal, a climate organizer, and a lifelong advocate for the working class. The democracy and movements that emerged from the political uprisings of my childhood inspired in me an enduring conviction: that when we come together, even the most insurmountable things are possible.

I’m running for New York State Assembly to change the culture of Albany and fight for the future Hudson Valley deserves. Our residents know that now is the time to build a government that works for everyone and is steps ahead of the crises we need to tackle.

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The Future Is a Public Good

Private corporations have a monopoly over things we need for our survival, and communities cannot fight them alone. It’s time to reclaim our public goods and the right to protect our future.

Our Health Is Not For Sale

Medical care should not depend on income, employment, legal status, or whether you are married or single. The current system of for-profit healthcare preys upon those who most need the care.

The climate crisis will also be a health crisis. We must elect a government that rejects funding from lobbyists because we cannot risk our hospitals being over capacity and understaffed as we get sicker. We need to pass the New York Health Act, which would give New Yorkers universal healthcare, and the Build Public Renewables Act, which would get us to the renewable economy we need for our survival and well-being.

An Economy For the Many

Our profit-based economy seeks to maximize profit out of everything we need for survival, whether it’s housing, farming, health care, energy, or education. In New York State a very small group of people hoard the wealth and don’t pay a fair share of their taxes, placing the burden on those who have less.

We must build an economy that circulates wealth, reinvests into our collective well-being, and rewards workers who do essential and vulnerable work like farming, nursing, and teaching. Our economy must be compatible with a dignified life. We need a Green New Deal for New York.

Income & Housing Security

Neighborhoods changed, workers were abandoned, and renters and homeowners alike faced homelessness during the pandemic. The temporary emergency measures exposed the lack of our permanent safety nets.

Income and housing security must be part of our climate resiliency. We must create sustainable, green union jobs, and protect worker rights with legislation such as the Securing Wages Earned Against Theft bill. We must also stabilize neighborhoods and the housing market with statewide measures like Good Cause Eviction.

We cannot build a government that works for us while politicians continue to accept money from large corporations. This campaign rejects such donations and is powered by small donors like you. We’re going to win together in Assembly District 103.


Climate crisis spurs DSA endorsements in 2022 legislative contests

“Public institutions are really powerful in taking risks that private companies cannot digest and they have the ability to invest back in communities.”

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“At the end of the day, climate is a working-class issue. The people who are going to suffer most if we don’t prepare ourselves are working-class people. Our workers in the fossil fuel industry, those folks are endangered by lack of an actual plan.”

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The Future Must Beautiful

“Not just in New York, but even here in the Hudson Valley, we have the momentum to begin dismantling the stagnant, lethargic, and therefore dangerous form of politics that for too long has been presented as our only option. Younger people are running for office and organizing here, too, not just in big cities.”

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