Legislation Passed

In her first 18 months in office, Democratic Assemblymember Sarahana has introduced or co-sponsored 79 bills that passed in the Assembly.


Bill No.Description
A6583AEstablishes November twenty-sixth of each year as a day of commemoration known as Sojourner Truth Day
A9359AEstablishes a school speed zone camera demonstration program in the city of Kingston
A4141AProhibits cost sharing for insulin. Passed through the FY2025 budget.
A4454Good Cause Eviction. Protects tenants against price-gouging and unjust evictions. Passed through the FY2025-2026 budget.
A1889Increases the income eligibility threshold for the tuition assistance program. Passed through the FY2025 budget.
A9369AAutomatically data match the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) with the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Program (EPIC).
A888CAllows estimated bill from a utility corporation or municipality only under certain circumstances
A1633BAddress gaps in the state’s review of proposed hospital and hospital unit closures by ensuring adequate advance notice to the public.
A6173Requires insurers to reimburse creative arts therapists licensed under article 163 of the education law in addition to psychiatrists and psychologists
A6832AImproves injured worker’s access to timely and quality treatment under the Workers’ Compensation Law, including not requiring pre-approval for treatments costing less than $1500
A2958Local Journalism Sustainability Act. Passed through the FY2025 budget.
A4243BNew York Wildlife Crossing Act. Directs the department of transportation and the New York state thruway authority to identify sites along all highways, thruways and parkways in the state for wildlife crossings.
A7264AAllows certain purchase contracts to be awarded to a qualified bidder who fulfills values of local economies, environmental sustainability, racial equity, valued workforce, farmers first, animal welfare, and nutrition when such bid is not more than 10% higher than the lowest responsible bidder
A1432CJury Of Our Peers Act. Ends the permanent ban on jury service by people with conviction histories
A4066BRequires motor vehicle dealer franchisors to fully compensate franchised motor vehicle dealers for warranty service agreements
A4871BRequires certain state owned and operated parking facilities to install and maintain charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles
A4917DProvides funding for school anti-violence education programs through the omnibus school violence prevention grant program
A6219BRequires that the state disaggregate the Middle Eastern or North African group from the White group when collecting demographic data regarding the ancestry or ethnic origin of New York residents
A4130CCreates a registration system for short term rentals in New York State and allow for the collection of sales tax & applicable occupancy tax generated from such rentals to the state and localities
A7491BRelates to prevailing wage requirements applicable to brownfield remediation work performed under private contract
A7636CPermanently establishes the homeownership protection program instead of leaving it to the whim of an annual budget
A8148AEstablishes the Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids act prohibiting the provision of addictive feeds to minors
A8149AEstablishes the New York child data protection act
A8274ARequires the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to establish standards for the closing of trails on the Empire state trail
A8611Provides a mechanism to allow residential and small business utility customers to access financial resources to become active participants in PSC proceedings
A8866Prohibits well permits from being issued to an applicant that uses carbon dioxide to complete or recomplete natural gas or oil resources
A8875Relates to rates and applicability of certain hotel and motel taxes in Ulster county
A8907AEstablishes the warehouse worker injury reduction program
A8939BPrevents the displacement of call center workers who provide call center services for the government in certain circumstances
A8947CEstablishes the retail worker safety act requiring retail worker employers to develop and implement programs to prevent workplace violence
A8998BRelates to enacting the SIGH act to prohibit the construction of new schools near a major roadway, with exceptions
A9011AEstablishes a maximum temperature in school buildings and indoor facilities
A9018Authorizes licensed creative arts therapists to bill Medicaid directly for their services
A9099Establishes a captive insurance program for commuter vans, black cars, ambulettes and paratransit vehicles, and small school buses pre-arranged for-hire vehicles, and accessible vehicles
A9102CRelates to medicaid reimbursement for treatment in place and transportation to alternative health care settings by ambulance services
A9232BThe Grieving Families Act. Provides for the types of damages that may be awarded to the persons for whose benefit an action for wrongful death is brought
A9265ARequires contractors and subcontractors working on covered projects submit their payrolls or transcripts to the fiscal officer
A9321BRelates to enacting the safe landings for youth leaving foster care act or safe landings act
A9711Enacts the tropical rainforest economic & environmental sustainability act and establishes the supply chain transparency assistance program
A9862ARequires payment card networks to use certain merchant category-codes for firearm dealers
A3132ASupports New York’s other alcoholic beverage manufacturers by allowing the direct intrastate and interstate shipment of liquor, cider, mead, and braggot and relates to direct shipments of wine
A7266Sammy’s Law. Expands the conversation on local control over speed limits by giving New York City more authority to lower speed limit. Passed through the FY2025 budget.


Bill No.Description
Build Public Renewables Act. Authorizes and instructs NYPA to build renewables to meet our goals and to fund auomatic discounts for low and moderate income households in disadvantaged communities. Passed through the FY2024 budget.
A920AThe All-Electric Buildings Act. Decreases greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution arising from new construction projects. Passed through the FY2024 budget.
A1941Universal school meal programs. Passed through the FY2024 budget.
A1029CClean Slate. Address some of the collateral consequences that follow a criminal conviction by requiring the automatic sealing of records pertaining to certain offenses
A1283Equal Rights Amendment. Amend Section 11 of Article 1 of the New York State Constitution to expand the constitutional prohibition against discrimination in civil rights to include additional protected classes
A1633BTo allow for improved public notice and public engagement when hospital and certain unit closures are threatened, and to strengthen state review of such closings
A1709BTo ensure telehealth services are explicitly included in existing safeguards and protections for reproductive health care services.
A1722BRequires statewide proposed ballot amendments and other questions to be written in plain, easily understood language
A2105AExpands eligibility for victims and survivors of crime to access victim compensation funds
A2878AWrongful Convictions Act. Increases protections for people who are actually innocent
A3226The Bird and the Bees Act. Prohibits the sale, distribution or purchase of certain neonicotinoid-treated corn, soybean or wheat seeds starting January 1, 2025
LLC Transparency Act. End the practice of anonymous ownership of limited liability companies in New York by defining beneficial ownership, and requiring the disclosure of the identities of beneficial owners upon company formation or registration.
A3770Enhances notification requirements when the commissioner of health makes changes to the terms, conditions, or time frames contained in the State’s managed care model contract
A3946Ensures that all pipeline activity being conducted on wetlands is properly insured
A3986The Idaho Stop Act. First enacted by the State of Idaho in 1982, allows more flexibility for cyclists by conserving their momentum and helping to keep them out of the way of heavy automotive traffic.
A4055ARestrict the ability of utilities to backbill after failing to bill more than two months
A4066BRquires auto manufacturers to pay a dealer reasonable compensation for warranty work based off the amount a retail customer pays the dealer for the same services
A4672Changes the classification of the town of Ulster in the county of Ulster
A4876For the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) to coordinate with utility companies on automated file matching to identify eligible affordability program participants
A4942BRequire SUNY and CUNY to establish a policy authorizing each system’s institutions to grant posthumous degrees to enrolled matriculated students whose death occurs prior to graduation
A5119Establishes a task force to study aging in place in mental health housing
A5682AThe New York Tropical Deforestation-free Procurement Act. Ensures companies contracting with the state are not contributing to tropical primary forest degradation
A5718BAllows risk retention groups that meet a minimum surplus requirement and which are registered in NYS to offer automobile insurance coverage to nonprofit organizations in this state
A5786Requires regular and public disclosure of lobbying on Senate nominations and confirmations
A5949Prohibits the application of pesticides to certain local freshwater wetlands
Ensures that kids cannot be separated from their parent or guardian for their help in getting their kid gender affirming care, prohibits law enforcement from cooperating with other states’ investigations regarding gender affirming care that took place legally, protects the health information of people who come to New York to receive gender affirming care, and protects physicians who provide gender affirming care in New York
A6688Extends the authority of the county of Ulster to impose an additional 1 percent sales and compensating use tax
A6698Grieving Families Act. Allow the families of wrongful death victims to recover compensation for their emotional anguish
A6843ARequires owners of property to complete in a timely manner a survey distributed by a municipality to determine the vacancy rate in said municipality
A7165Provides a mechanism to allow residential and small business utility customers to access financial resources to become active participants in PSC proceedings
A7200Authorizes Ulster County to impose by local law, a tax on hotel and motel occupancy of up to four percent of the charge
A7208Protect the communities along the Hudson River from the adverse economic impacts resulting from the discharge of nuclear waste into the River by decommissioning nuclear power plants

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