I believe that everyday, working people deserve more than to just survive—we deserve to flourish. That’s why I will fight for:


Home is the first step to stability, it’s where we put down roots and make shared memories. We must stop the skyrocketing costs of living that are tearing apart our neighborhoods and communities.

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Every New Yorker deserves free, quality care—no questions asked. Every care worker deserves to earn a good living providing it.

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We enacted the first Green New Deal legislation to pass in the country. Next, we’ll fight for energy democracy and climate resiliency as we hold utilities and polluters accountable.

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By placing punishment above all else, our criminal legal system tears apart countless lives and families—especially in Black and brown communities. We must end this injustice.

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Public education is the place where we cultivate our values and ideas, it is a pillar for any society that strives to nurture and protect. New York can afford to have one of the best public education systems in the world, and that’s what we’ll fight for.

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The economy should work for working people, serving our communities–not a handful of billionaires. To achieve this, the state tax code must be reorganized to put power back in the hands of many.

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Our democracy will be at its strongest when our representatives represent us, not the wealthy few. We must end Albany’s culture of complacency and backroom dealing, and replace the Old Boys’ Club with transparency and accountability.

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Immigrant Rights

Everyone deserves to live a safe and dignified life, no matter their birthplace or immigration status. We must fight for our immigrant communities’ rights to live without fear of harassment or deportation and access the same levels of social and care infrastructure as all New Yorkers.

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Everything we hold dear is built by the hard work of ordinary people. But with CEO’s and privatizers squeezing us harder than ever, we must fight to bolster worker protections, revitalize the labor movement, and ensure the right to a good living and dignified life for all.

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