We must build a future we’d be proud to watch the next generation grow up in. It’s time to unleash a new era of green union jobs building 100% renewable energy, ending environmental injustice, empowering communities, and repairing our climate: a Green New Deal for New York.

Public Power

We cannot build a renewable future as long as corporations trap New York state at just 4% wind and solar energy. We need Public Power: a publicly owned, democratically run energy system designed to provide clean and affordable energy to all, instead of creating profits for shareholders.

  • Implement the Build Public Renewables Act to its full potential: we passed a historic bill to generate publicly-owned renewable energy that will serve and invest in New Yorkers. Next, we’ll see through its implementation to ensure its success
  • Democratize our energy system and make energy a public good by transitioning corporate monopolies like Central Hudson to public ownership, through Public Power. This will also bring democratic oversight and community agreements to siting of energy projects, to avoid the kinds of situations that led to CHPE, and ensure such projects benefit people, not profits.
    • In the meantime, we must hold corporate utilities accountable by regulating them more effectively and stopping unnecessary rate hikes

100% Renewable. 0% Fossil Fuels.

We must commit to end our forced reliance on fossil fuels, and build a publicly owned energy system that lowers our bills, increases reliability, and replaces toxic gas and oil with renewable wind, solar, and geothermal power at the speed science truly demands.

  • Make public investment to retrofit existing buildings. The previously passed Green Jobs Green New York Act aimed to do a million retrofits in 5 years, but failed to do so and generated less than 25,000 retrofits.
  • Use the public office to strengthen movements that fight fracked gas plants and pipelines in our state. Ulster County has one of the highest counts of climate activists per capita, and the State offices must represent that leadership.

Protection Hudson Valley from Flooding

Climate change is already here, and we saw that in recent flooding that happened in Hudson Valley.

  • According to the state Department of Environmental Conservation, the Hudson River could rise 2 to 4 feet by 2080. We must develop and implement proactive flood resilience plans today, not punt them to future generations.

Improve Waste Management

  • Reduce packaging by 50% over 10 years by passing Extended Producer Responsibility. This bill also provides funding to local governments for waste reduction programs, recycling, and waste disposal.

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