Our democracy will be at its strongest when our representatives represent us, not the wealthy few. We must end Albany’s culture of complacency and backroom dealing, and replace the Old Boys’ Club with transparency and accountability.

Good Governance

  • Pass the Budget Equity Act, so that the State Senate and Assembly have an equal role to the governor in the state’s budget process—a rightful redistribution of power to the hands of the voters who elected their State Senators and Assemblymembers.
  • Repeal loopholes that allow the Governor to automatically confirm nominees to our State agencies despite lack of confirmation from the Senate (A8022/Shrestha)

Make Voting Easy

We passed over a dozen electoral reform bills this year, including the Early Voting Mail Act (A7632) that will allow no-excuse mail votes during the nine-day early voting period. Our remaining priorities include:

  • Let voters register and vote in an election on the same day (Same-Day Voter Registration), giving people a greater opportunity to participate in all elections.
  • Make election day a holiday
  • Give incarcerated people the right to vote (A0412)
  • Effect party enrollment change within 25 days after the voter has applied to do so—this would allow New Yorkers to more easily participate in primary elections, which can be as important as general elections (A6626)
  • Strengthen local board of elections, including the assurance of adequate staffing (A1258, A0919)
  • Make permanent absentee voting available for the risk of contracting or spreading a disease (A03291)

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