Public education is the place where we cultivate our values and ideas, it is a pillar for any society that strives to nurture and protect. New York can afford to have one of the best public education systems in the world, and that’s what we’ll fight for.

Fully Fund SUNY New Paltz

State assistance to SUNY New Paltz has fallen to about 25% of its budget while tuition revenue makes up the rest. These budget cuts have increased class sizes and overwhelmed faculty and staff. We need to fully fund our public higher education, including community colleges, and equip them with the resources that students need to succeed.

  • Pass New Deal for SUNY (A08080) that would provide free tuition to SUNY students who are enrolled in academic coursework and are on track to graduate
  • SUNY New Paltz faces a $8 million budget deficit and is one of the 19 SUNYs that have a deficit. We need multi-year funding increases in operating aid to campuses
    • We cannot continue to replace full-time faculty with underpaid adjunct professors, who are not only exploited, but stretched too thin to be able to provide the education students deserve. We must make investment in full-time faculty a priority.
  • Require at least a ratio of one clinical, non-student mental health staff member per one thousand students on all SUNY and CUNY campuses (A04142)

Equity in Education

We must protect and expand upon our public schools to the benefit of our whole communities—including families and students, no matter where they live, and all those who work tirelessly to provide young people with an education.

  • Fund schools based equitably instead of through property tax. Funding based on property taxes creates a tiered system where quality of education depends on your zip code.
  • Place a statewide moratorium on all new charter schools, so that we can prevent a quality public education from becoming a scarce commodity.
  • Make Universal Pre-K a reality for all New Yorkers. NYC has already taken the lead in this massive expansion of early childhood education, and it’s time we do the same for the rest of the state.
  • Establish a maximum temperature in school buildings and indoor facilities so that students, teachers, and workers aren’t subjected to extreme temperatures (A09011).
  • Support programs and funding that help to diversify and train the schooling workforce.
  • Pass Solutions Not Suspensions (A5691), which will limit extreme punitive suspension measures that our school systems disproportionately apply to Black and brown students, and instead advance restorative disciplinary approaches centered around communication, cooperation, and respect to hold students accountable.
  • Fix the Tier 6 pension plan for public sector workers so that public schools can attract and retain workers

Stable Homes for Students and Educators

A student’s well-being is not isolated to their time spent at school, and neither is the teacher’s or the staff’s. To truly invest in education, we must also invest in stable homes.

  • Housing, income, and job security at the student’s home are essential in ensuring that our students are getting the most out of our education system. Adequate investment in public education should be complemented with legislation that gets us housing and income security.
  • Schools are also work places. It has become far too common for teachers and staff to have to go through difficult and traumatizing experiences in simply doing their job. Adequate counselor to student ratio, and resources that allow teachers and staff to do their job must be the bare minimum.

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